Lake City Lights is an online literary
magazine designed to allow established and
emerging writers to display their previously
unpublished work. The goals of
Lake City
are to showcase well-written poetry
and flash fiction, to bring new readers to the
art, and to provide a tool for classroom
teachers to improve student interest and
understanding of these literary forms.
About Lake City Lights
This is a totally free magazine--no subscription costs and
no requests for money.  As a result, writers and artists
will not be paid for publication and will retain full
ownership of their work.  Our purpose is to provide an
outlet for writers.  .
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Submissions Editor: Roy Dorman

Managing Editor: Jerry McGinley
Poetry and Flash Fiction Wanted!!  

We are now accepting original, unpublished
poems and short stories (1000 word maximum)
for our next issue.  
Submissions with fresh
language, vivid images, and interesting subjects will
have the best chance of being chosen.
Lake City
is anxious to hear new voices! We also want
to see new work from our previous contributors.  
Student writers and seasoned professionals are
welcome. All submissions should be
included in the
text of the email
.  Attachments can cause

To Submit Your Work
Only email submissions will be considered.  
Send 1-4 poems in the text of the email. You may
also submit one or two short, short (flash) stories
between 300 and 1000 words.  If you like,
include a brief biography (up to 25 words) and
attach a recent photo of yourself. Please state in
your email message that the work submitted is
original and unpublished and that you give Lake
City Lights permission to publish the work
Send your work to
Flash Fiction!
In an attempt try new things to broaden our
audience of writers and readers, we are now
publishing short, short stories, often referred to
as Flash Fiction.  These should be complete
stories with details and dialogue written in the
same condensed language we use when writing
poetry.  If you are not familiar with the genre,
do some research online or at your bookstore.  
Stories must be between 300 and 1000 words.  
Only two stories may be submitted by an
author per issue.  Include your stories in the
text of your email letter.
INITIAL CHANGES: Lake City Lights will
publish future issues about every three to four
months.  We will try to include an occasional
interview with an author.  Please consider
making suggestions to help us reach more
readers.  Our first seven issues have reached
just over 3,500 people.  That number needs to
grow.  Please spread the word to your social
network connections, as well as to your flesh
and blood connections.
Lake City Lights
An Online Literary Anthology
To my way of thinking....

I don't see writing poetry as a premeditated act.  If
you know what your poem is going to do from the
start, then there's really no need to go through the
process of writing it.  The heart of the poem should
be discovered through the act of writing. It should
surprise the writer and the reader.
 Jerry McGinley,  Editor
(photo by jerry mcginley)
We are currently considering where we want to go with
LAKE CITY LIGHTS.  While we make this decision,
we will not be accepting new submissions.  If we choose
to put out future issues, we will let you know.  In the
meantime, enjoy the many other great online magazines
available like Yellow Mama, Camel Saloon, Foliate Oak
Literary Magazine, Shotgun Honey, Drunk Monkeys,
Burningword, Crack the Spine, Punchnel's, and many
more.  Thanks for your patience!